Antigenitalistic Rrrriot

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Fuck the commerce. Fuck the police. Fuck people who feel cool cuz of beeing anything. You´re all victims.

We aren´t proud but also not ashamed, we´re musicians, artists, political activists and women born with misunderstood bodys. And we´re fucking angry.
We support actions against psychiatry, genital mutilations of so-called “intersexual” children, pathologization of men and women who are/were wrong assigned at birth and people of every sex that´s fucking oppressed and made illegal and unaccepted by all fucked up states in this corrupt world of shit.

We support the political emancipation of anyone, underground-art, anarchist actions, Fuck the N.W.O.-actions, animal liberation and so on.
We support the underground. But only the underground stuff we like…

We support political activism like this

$ We pleasure any sexist, genitalist or ignorant to fuck off and die immediately, this noise is not made for you, it is made against you and it will ruin your life as we will do soon.
Get ready to suck our female dicks and suffocate until we piss into your dead body and dance on your family´s grave.

Antigenitalistic Rrrriot means not to be peaceful with any kind of macho-wankers, their “well”-educated automaso machista bitches and any form of person who thinks that a person´s body would define and decide anything.

The genitalistic dogma [“person (born) with a penis = man / person (born) with a vagina = woman” = the genital is the center of a persons sex/gender] is part of a repressive, patriarchal mechanism deeply rooted in our society and analog to the heliocentric dogma (“the earth is the centre of the universe”) from the medieval times. It is also violently defended by a bundle of naturalistic fallacies to protect the supposedly “natural” privileges of a group of persons.

Among other things we attack this repressive genitalistic “world order” by direct political actions, by spreading information and texts, and by supporting and declaring our solidarity with emancipatory people and groups who also fight against this specific kind of pluralistic oppression they suffer from.

Like any other oppressor, fashist and/or defetist - don´t blame our bodies/genes - blame your propaganda and your normative education-programm!

We interpretate the categorization and generalisation of people, genders and bodies as “trans”, “cis” or “inter” as a massive part of this normative repression. We reject these categories totally because we made the experience that “trans” or “inter” is normally meant to be used as an accepted excuse to act in a mean, tolerant and exorbitant way towards repressed and unaccepted persons or groups or to keep a privelegue against these that is not fair nor acceptable.

We also see that if a person or body is called “trans” or “inter” and not “cis”, this logically implies that something about this person or body is not correct or “in the right position” (logic of the word). We are fed up of this and look through this verbal discrimination and degradation of us, our bodies and outward appearances, also by people suffering under the same oppression. So we think, there is no need to support these categories and points of view, created by hateful and prejudice-driven psychiatrists and sexologists (look who created and invented the categories and words “transsexual”, “transgender” even as “intersexual” and still benefits from them financially and because of having dependend “patients”), if you need to talk about this kind of oppression, it is quite enough to differentiate between “wrong assigned” and “right assigned” persons.

Like in other forms of oppression, it doesn´t matter, if someone (or some institution or state) discriminates you because he does not like your face, your nose or your art of speaking, it is just important, which kind of oppression or prejudice he uses. Thinking or categorising people in the same way like an oppressor does (f.e. in nationalities, skincolours or even genitals, hair, …) means to have accepted this way of oppression and oppressive justification, yet. And we do not do this.

So we will not support anyone who still (foreign-) categorises us or our friends in categories like “trans” or “inter” in any form. We think that it is important to show the world that it is as easy as needful to write, think and act without human categories like “trans*”, “inter*” and “cis*” because these categories are just here to build, stabilise and justify prejudices, distance and traditional oppression that does not need to exist between us human beeings.

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We face sexistic and genitalistic / bodyfashistic violence and exclusion any day, we know the structures, the stupid and lazy excuses of anyone, the fear of all the stupid machowankers of what their friends could say, what other ppl think of them and that their education program could be wrong, but plz. - we bet all sexistic, lookistic, racistic and sexism-tolerant ppl to fuck off and die immediately.

FUCK CIS FUCK TRANS FUCK INTER - These bodyfashistic walls in your perceptions are their problem - not ours anymore!

Changing perception, resistance, reflection and to connect with minds that are sensitive and fed up with the shit that is going on all over the world is the only way for us to avoid suicide and to suppress the desire to kill other humans.

We like to say fuck you and die to anyone trying to question our femaleness, cuz we were born with dicks and violently forced to behave like we would be male for many years - what shows nothing except that this society is a piece of dumb crap trying to break the power of anyone not fitting into its filthy social corsets drawn up with fear and poison.

They say “woman = vagina / man = dick”
I say “Suck my female dick & suffocate!

Antigenitalism means fuck their bodyfashistic propaganda.

Women have different bodies. They can have ANY body.

Men too.

Other genders the same.

Every “gender-cop” who feels funny, important or mighty while asking people about their gender in an offensive way or, just more turdish, is telling people which gender or sex they “really” have (in the gender-cops mind or their genitalistic suggestion) to attack them and demonstrate them who has “the power” of the brainwashed majority´s acceptance, deserves to die in a cruel and slow way laying on the floor and getting kicked 696 in his/her dishonorable face by us.

This is evident as it is evident that every time has its stupid human scum that is suggested to be “normal” while spreading repression, stupidity and turdish, conservative values which result into hierarchic and fear conducted thinking and acting of groups and individuums.

We fight against this discrimation & repression every fucking day.
Don´t believe I would only talk about that for fun.

Our music and art is unsepparable from these experiences and our resulting social and economical situation (which might be okay in comparation to situations in other parts of the world, but still not because wrong assigned people like us are getting problems in every state of the world because of official and legal repression and they are our mental “tribe” because we all share a specific kind of today´s repression that we are fighting).




Splitterkor Rekords Dziwko!!! presents:

Name: DjCyCO - SKRD!!! Mix 2014
Catalog#: mix007
Format: 1xFile, Mp3, 320kbps
Released: 14 September 2014
Style: Breakcore, Terrorcore, Speedcore, Splittercore, Extratone, Experimental



01. Dark Frequencer - Infantile Machine
02. Imil - Solipsistic Thoughts
03. Sim On Kor Funkle - Rock The Place
04. Rottencore - Dirty Assassin
05. TuneFreak - Hardcore Work 01
06. Hellcreator - And God Created The Devil
07. Loffciamcore - Zero Gravity
08. Bondage Schoolgirls Torture - Chun
09. HFK - Stellar Confusion
10. TohLPeaks - Anarchie Gangsta On The Dancefloor
11. Kansen Satsujinki - Another Annoying Noisy Tune
12. Horrible Rate - Killer Bass
13. AK616 - Speedcore For Your Soul
14. Batashi - I Wish It All Was Happened
15. SD-501 - Fuck You NEO!
16. Bruno - My 316 BPM Way Of Life
17. Knifeman & Konrad Paterson - Agonia
18. Bruno - Acte 1: Paranoia
19. Kielce Terror Squad - eASTCORe
20. Dj Contaminator - A.C.A.B.
21. Loffciamcore - Bullet For My Harshead
22. Kurwastyle Project - Weltschmerz
23. Lord Of Speed - Putins Fav Speedcore Song (Extended Ver)
24. The M.S.P. - Ethereal
25. Jealousy - Lights & Voids
26. Hard Freqent - Die Schönen Und Die Schnellen Dinge Des Lebens
27. Diabarha - Internal Battle
28. Egodiscordia - It’s Killing Time
29. Mr.Q8 - La Confusione Di Un’Emozione
30. Passenger Of Shit - Exploding Cock Torture Vomit Cunt
31. Loffciamcore - Mindbreaker!
32. Don Pedro - XXXtrakcja
33. Nekrofil - Be Careful
34. Noizefucker - UnSpeakably Awful
35. Zustand D. - Introduxia Dimensii Hypertone


Die Lage spitzt sich zu: Immer mehr Menschen in Deutschland werden alt und beginnen, nach Knoblauch zu stinken, Schuhe in Nappalederoptik zu tragen und sich für Nordic Walking zu interessieren. Das Geschäft mit eingetrocknete Speisereste-Fetisch-Porno-Disketten boomt, denn viele minderjährige Ecstasysüchtigen lassen für einen kurzen Trip ins flüchtige Paradies des Drogenrausches bereits alles zu, sogar Finger in die Augen stechen und Attacken auf die Genitalien.

Während immer mehr junge Mädchen sich Penisse wachsen lassen, um mit ihren besserbestückten Konkurrentinnen wettzueifern, flüchten sich viele Jungen neuerdings in die Heterosexualität, schrecken dabei nicht einmal mehr vorm Biertrinken, Kartenspielen und Hantelbanktraining ab, mit fatalen Konsequenzen für ihre Street credibility. Ayahuasca hilft.

Der Papst dagegen möchte bald Sünder zurück in den Schoß der kackt-hoolischen Kirche aufnehmen, die in Hallenbadbecken gepisst haben.

Knarren, Fäuste, Füße, weibliche Penisse, sehr große Creolen, Schminke, Existenzberechtigungsschein vergessen, Leute vom Schikanedienst kommen, sie verständigen das Pappenbekämpfungsministerium, der Krieg geht los, Bomben explodieren, Autos kollabieren, Fluchreihenschaltung, das ganze Theater, Hexen schauen zu und lachen sich tot, Dämonen raufen sich die Haare angesichts der zu erwartenden Verluste an gescheiterten Existenzen, ganz normaler Alltag in einer Tripreportage, nur echt mit dem Säuresiegel, in geprüfter Qualität, die Bayer-AG distanziert sich ausdrücklich von diesem, so kann es ja nur mit rechten Dingen zugehen, Wissenschaft für den besseren Profit und die Versklavung aller Seelen.


Herrin Tara feat. Cluster - Die rosafarbene Welt der Schwanzmädchen
LFO Demon - Crush Oberzoegersdorf
Marc Oh - Droste Hörste mich
Skalden - Heidelbeeren
Kackegeruch - Heimlich
Messias - Aggressor
Neurocore - Digital drugs
Welle:Erdball - Liebe der dritten Art
The M.S.P. - Miserable
SD 501 - Mind control experiment
Candy Covered Clowns Humiliation Karaoke - How to 69 With Your Self by Candy Whorehole
Cipher - Deliverance
La foudre + Air Frantz - TR 04 1.1
Chrystal Meth - Tradition
Earea - Gabberparty
Don pedro - Turn it off
WSicko - Unknown destiny
CEP2plet - 43.4_To_48.2_S
Welle:Erdball - Der Flipperkönig
DJ Speedball - Fuck off and die
AK 16 - Snorched erffff
Roundwavecrusher - Hecate
The M.S.P. - Nuuk is a haunted city
skit Angriff der Glitches
Hassan Renzy - Cobra´s dance
My gloomy machine - Mardi11AoutMercredi12Aout
Caravan disaster - Madame
The M.S.P. - Too much GHB
La foudre - Atom conscience
Matt o´Brian - Serotonine
Memero - Modem ejaculatio
Implant - Meeting with the devil
YAWE6gletshn - Scotch Xotch
Les neiges noires de la laponie - Dance sauvagerie
Quantum nanotech extinction - global disorder
Limbs bin - The sun has fallen
Satanoid - Tonedeaf
Astral social club - No nazis
Simon Kamekazi - Violent tendencies
Kackegeruch - In den Rohren
skit - Discoqueen

und neues vom Waschmaschinenfest-Sampler:

Zara Paz - Das lilane Schuhregal

Quote of bISHOUJo gAICHu:

"…How could i´v known that being my own sex, just turned out being a live-time combat against body normative zombies?!

There was quiet nothing complicated, in understanding: not to judge any ones sex by their body!; but as I looked up I saw myself surrounded by pathetic symptom swallowing grimaces and disgusting masks distorted by the greed for sex uniforming domestication, trapped in despair for submission to satisfy the duty of norm, with flaming despite in their filthy perfidious view, ready to mutilate and scarf every living entity who doubts the almighty decree of foreign sexual assignment by the divine genital codex, in order to sacrifice them to theirs genital fetishist god of sex determination.
These normative fakes seem to drip out of any pore of this planet, they will find you, just waiting in permanent slaver for their chance to consume your bodily autonomy and turn you in to an anatomy neurotic drone like they are.
Oh, those poor binary sexed bastards, pitiful shadows lost in their dualistic darkness of genital intent, bringing torment and pain to others, damned souls, wallowing in ignorance, theirs only reason of creation it was to make you suffer and to suck your life;
any way, don´t fall in to false mercy with these creatures of stereotype, the only way to cure em, is to send em straight to hell!

Even you might be well-advised to stay away from the bigot taste of their queer eggs penetratingly dropped right to your feed by the swarms of sex elite vermin, just stamp on their pseudo emancipate illusion before the patronizing poison of wicked gender trash begins to bloom, if you don´t wont your sexual integrity to be infiltrated by the marionettes of body hierarchy and theirs treacherous pledges that will descend you direct into the moralistic mud of usurpation by the brainwash of gender pedagogic identitarian bullshit.
There is no time to falter, just make sure these stencil fuckers got to die before the arms of conformity torn the autonomy of your sex in to denied, exoticed and pathologized pieces of judged brainfuck scum and splatters of genital dualistic trash, just leaving the self betrayed blur of body hatred frass.
Don´t care for the cadaver masochist fundamentalism of their gender performance, the body-fascist construction of sex has to be terminated!

In the shine from the fires of the genital narcissistic inquisition there will be no rest for those who fight for their independence of sex, don´t make any illusions about this, don´t trust any one but yourself, your self-determination is all whats left and all what matters. The genital gestapo will do anything to smother the fanatic patterns of forced assignment to keep on ruling the superficial absolutist carnival of sex dummys.
A fool who asks for any kind of identification, definition and categorization or even is looking for permission and excuses in this paradise of genital machistic torture; no gender, no drag, no normative destiny of sex, all born naked and mindless rest is construction, social connections won´t erase the experience of your self perspective, don´t let any one fuck around with your conscious nor the uniqueness of your existence, within the independent confirmation of your own sex; reallity isn´t supposed to be a place of waste for the crap of forced generality, so whip off the mask of objectivity, blast away their mind-fucking visages of genitalism and fuck em to shit!
In a world where no one accepts what you are and every one is denying your existence, there are no innocents.
Forget about your scrubs, no one ever cares about your live, it´s simply retributive justice they are guilty, since the moment they avoided you in condemnation;
every one deserves to DIE! DIE! DIE! …

Now let´s get out of here and make things clear!!!

Big thx to Inge K for using my (Zara´s) old track (Survival machine) in this mix:

Extremecore Exclusive Mix

+ new track from Rübezahl:

Spontaneous session with Daniel from Český Krumlov in September 2014.

Del_F64.0 & Daniel playing the drastic song of the German “Die Erbsenfrau”, a terrifying woman who catches children in pea sacks and hides them as her property in her dark and cold basement. Die Erbsenfrau has also a lot of scary punishments for inapropriate behavior like spitting in the hand of a child which tries to escape (the cold spit will drop from the hand the whole night long…) and forcing a child to put its hand into the “smelly bucket”, a bucket full of smear. Her voice is as dreadful as her basement and no child never passed to escape from “die Erbsenfrau”.

Daniel from Český Krumlov: Didgeridoo, Cajon
Zustand D. (Lena Wenta): Clarinet
Zara Paz: Darbuka, Trumpet

Mastering and editing: Zara Paz.

More sounds from Del_F64.0:

Antigenitalistic Rrrriot, September 2014

Del_F64.0 live @ Camp Tipsy. Photos by Audrey Nervi.


Die Rache der Mutanten (Audioplay by Del_F64.0 in German) finally also @ Mixcloud:


Another Clip from Zustand D. with The Wings of Desire @ Scherer 8:

Zara Paz vor der Kamera: Frauenbilder (Dokumentation, Preview)